Back to Blogging…Starting a cupcake business!

19 Jul


So I realised I started this blog up ages ago and actually forgot about it! Originally it was taking a photo everyday as I loved photography but you know how it is..LIFE gets in the way and you forget to do it! Maybe I just got lazy with it! I admit it!

Since then life has been very busy! Last September I opened up my own cupcake business. I want to tell you all how it started..

One night in September just before the Jewish New Year I was chatting with my Nana how i would LOVE to make her Signature honey cake. She passed on the recipe to me and I made it. The mixture gives you so much and i ended up making two cakes!

I decided that as there was so much mixture maybe it would work if you made the mixture in cupcake cases. I decided to give this a go and added cream cheese icing on top!

That evening I had a few friends over and I decided to serve them the cupcakes! They went crazy! They absolutely loved them! From trying the cupcakes they said I should start up a business and sell them!

The next day I contacted a graphic designer and a week later I had a logo and a Facebook Page!


My page can be found here:

Since launching on October 5th 2014 business has been great! The word has spread and I love hearing people say they were given my details from someone. I prefer to be known by word of mouth rather than pushing my business!

I would rather you try them first! They are delicious…well I have been told they are!

Honey Cake Cupcakes:

honey cupcakes

After only being open a week I was contacted by Foundation Bar in Covent Garden as they were running #LondonCocktailWeek and asked me if they could have some of my yummy cupcakes!

They loved them and promoted my business through their page too!

foundation message

I love baking and I love the positive feedback I receive too! Hoping to put more smiles on peoples faces!

Hosting parties, baking and cooking are definitely my favourite things!

Thanks for reading and I am back to blogging so more posts will be coming soon!


We will meet again…on the next blog :)


You don’t take a photograph, you make it….

15 Apr

Good afternoon all!

Well its a busy afternoon for me! Passover is finished and now its time to look forward to Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israels 64 Birthday!) Party time!

I have had a busy couple of weeks as you can see from my blog and I am finally on to April at some point in the future I will be back into publishing every week! I am over the 500+ readers on my blog so thank you soo much for that!

1st April..

Still in New York on this day! We fly home in the evening so we took a trip to Central Park and I took this gorgeous photo of mum which I thought I would share as its a favourite of mine!


2nd April..

As this is the day we arrived back in the UK I didn’t want to put another plane photo up so here is another photo from Central Park at the Alice & Wonderland sculpture! Definitely spend at least 4 hours there we did and saw most of the Park its absolutely beautiful I would love to live by the park its gorgeous!


3rd April..

Still obsessed with Draw Something the app on the iPhone my best drawing yet…


4th April..

So my brother turned 21 today! Cant believe all grown up! Happy Birthday Marc we Love You! Seen here with my Nana.


5th April..

I love my friends!! This is a great photo of some of the important people in my life!


6th April..

Bye Bye Chametz! A breakfast held on our last day or Chametz (Bread, flour products) before 8 days of Matzah!

We made sure we were filled with it!


7th April..

Three important people in my life! My two besties and my Nana! All chilling out watching TV! It was a greta moment to be surrounded by people I truly care about!


I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

This weeks song is Katy Perry – Wide Awake – A relaxing tune!



We will meet again…on the next blog :)

I just want to make pictures that are entertaining. I’ll leave the scenery chewing to someone else….

12 Apr

Good evening!

Wow so this blog needs updating! I hope you are well! I have had a busy few weeks!

At work we had our fundrasing Gala Dinner and then the same week I went to New York with my mum and dad where I got to shoot lots of pictures! Though I love them all and would love to put them all up but that would be too long!

I hope you like this weeks Pictures of the year! I cant actually believe we are in April! Where has this year gone so far?

25th March..

A busy Sunday as we had our big fundraising dinner at work! It was a great success and was the talk of the community for the days that came afterwards! This was a main event of the year at our pro-Israel organisation.


26th March..

The day after our successful event we had a look back at the pictures and there is a lovely one of our office team! Oh and yes I work for the Zionist Federation, find out more here:


27th March..

Leaving on a Jet plane… So after wishing the days by my NY trip finally arrived and I was soo excited as it would be my second time in New York! Sightseeing and Shopping the best S’s LOL! New York wont know what hit it by the time my mum and I leave!


28th March..

OH WHAT A NIGHT…Time to pick a Broadway show and what with soo many to choose from what do we see? My parents had seen the Jersey Boys but I never had so my parents said sure! 😀

It was a great show with soo many talented actors!


29th March..

On the morning of the 29th of March we visited the Ground Zero Workshop Museum if you are ever in NY you have to visit this museum. Set upby Marlon Suson the official photographer of 9/11. Please take a look at his website and missions and how the profits go to the 9/11 charities:

After visiting the museum we headed to Ground Zero memorial and this is the flag of honour. Honouring those who perished.


30th March..

This evening we went to a Magic show in teh Waldorf Towers at the Waldorf Astoria in NY.

He goes by the name of Chamber Magic and his name is Steve Cohen, if you are in NY on a Friday night he does a small show for around 40 people. If you liek magic definately book to see him:

Here he is with my dad and his famous trick


31st March..

Our hotel was right by Macy’s which was great for us as we loved to shop! But they also had a annual flower show taking place. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and I got some great photo’s!


I hope you enjoyed these pictures! My song of the week is a song I heard as I walked in an out of shops in NY on 5th Avenue!

Enjoy it….



You can also follow me on Twitter: @MelissaAmy for updates and more pictures!

We will meet again…on the next blog :)

The function of the photographer is to help people understand the world around them..

26 Mar


So I have finally nearly caught up with my photo blog! This is a great achievement for me! No seriously it is!

I’m off to New York on Wednesday and I hope to post my next blog next Tuesday telling you all the exciting things I get up to!

Anyway here is this past week in photos..

18th March..

Mothers day celebrating in style with my Nana and Mother! My two best friends! I love soo much! They are the rocks of the family for sure!


19th March..

So as I love my mum soo much I have entered her in to Jewish Mum Of The Year! I really think she should win!! She is definitely the best Jewish mother in town!


20th March..

I am loving this weather in March it is beautiful! I wish every day was as nice! The good weather is staying around which is great!


21st March..

So this week I have discovered the best app on my phone! ‘Draw Something’ its a totally free app and for more info click here:

So my friend Dan drew this for my friend Fiona! Its not a bad drawing!


22nd March..

So since October I have been very busy with our Sixth Form programme at work! Its been great training these young adults in Leadership skills and how to stand up for Israel! This was exciting as we produced certificates for them and of course personally signed them!


23rd March..

I had a proud moment when I did some shopping for my mum is our local Sainsburys and when I picked up these dates saw that they were a produce in ISRAEL! Made me smile!


24th March..

On a bright morning my friend Lauren and I decided to explore our home town with a country walk the sun was shining and it was so lovely! Fresh air is always great!




We will meet again…on the next blog :)

Entertainment is in art like colour in pictures…

26 Mar


Happy Monday I hope you are all well! I need to catch up on my March photos! Im slacking a bit but I cant stop being a social butterfly…

11th March..

Spring has arrived and this is the scene from my window! I love spring! Blossom on the tress and the birds chirping 🙂

12th March..

Of course its a Monday and I didn’t take this photo! But I loved it and it made me chuckle so hopefully it will make you chuckle too!

13th March..

Spring and on this nice afternoon a break and walk in the park is just what the doctor asked for! Beautiful setting and time to relax and reflect on the past few hectic weeks which continue to be hectic!

14th March..

Always need a post-it! It is an office necessity! An when I was out they were restocked by my colleague with love! This is the picture of my week!

15th March..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIA! I think she has been waiting to appear in my blog and the wait is over 🙂

16th March..

Drinking on a Friday well I never! It was Friday so why not?

17th March..

Slumber Party? Why not love my friends! They always enjoy a good night in with their onesies and a takeaway! Good times!

The song for this week sums me up! Cant stop moving!!


We will meet again…on the next blog :)

I think people remember pictures not dialogue. That’s why I like pictures…

24 Mar

Hellooo Yes its me I have again got behind on my photos and must catch up before I am a month behind! Eeeek!

I hope you have all had a good few weeks and here are my pictures from the first week of March.. at least i’m posting them in March!

4th March..

Sunsets.. LOVE!

5th March..

Keep Smiling…So at work we have a reminder board but ever since a new colleague has started it has become an art board!

We  always look forward to all the new creations each week

6th March..

3 words..

Philadelphia with Cadbury!

It is Amazing if you haven’t tried it its rich so dont take too much at a time! But it is yummy if you love chocolate!

For more recipes to use it with check out:

An per serving its only 86 Calories not too bad for those on diets!


7th March..

So its the festival of Purim in the Jewish religion on Purim with give what is know as Michloach Manot.

Mishloach manot (Hebrew: משלוח מנות‎, pronounced “mish-LOH-ach mah-NOTE,“, literally, “sending of portions”; also spelled mishloach manos and sometimes shortened to shalach manos), and also called a Purim basket, are gifts of food or drink that are sent to friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, business associates, and any other acquaintances on Purim day. The mitzvah of giving mishloach manot derives from the Book of Esther. It is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast held later in the day, and to increase love and friendship among Jews as a counter to Haman‘s assertion that the Jewish people are characterized by strife and disunity.

I was honoured to receive one at work from my boss!


8th March..

On Purim my dad was the entertainment at synagogue by doing the magic! He was really great and everyone loved it! GO DAD!


9th March..

On Purim everyone dresses up and gets drunk! To be precise! So my friend and I went costume shopping and my friend went as..


10th March..

I went as a vintage girl in a polker dot dress and here is my fave picture of the night…


This week’s song is another one of my favourites but a new duet..



We will meet again…on the next blog :)

There Is Always Some Scene Behind Every Photo…

9 Mar


Two posts in one day..ok technically not one day as its now the next day! But hey!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures earlier! I love photographing this weeks photos especially the first one…

27th Feb..

My friend is a teacher in a School and for her School project she was given chicken eggs which after a couple of days hatched and 7 little chicks were born. As she had them over a weekend we all got to go round and play with them! Very cute!


28th Feb..

So my friend Dan is known as the honorary Jew in our group of friends! An what better way to keep up with the Jewish gossip in North London…reading the Jewish Newspaper!


29th Feb..

The last day of February in a Leap year and dealing with the daily stress in the office no no not the work load the printer! It just doesn’t seem to like us and gets stuck on a regular basis! Oh well! This is a great photo to let the world know how annoying it is!


1st March..

Pinch Punch first of the month..

What is better than starting March when spring starts with the sun..


2nd March..

So this picture wasn’t taken by me but I came across it and wanted to include it in my blog maybe next week I will add an extra photo to make up for it..


3rd March..

This week my friend and I went to The Wanted concert! Such a good night out an I hadn’t been to a concert in yonks! My friend even bought us bunny ears like we had in the 90’s! I guess this is the first photo of me in the blog so Hello World!

This week’s song is another one of my favourites!



We will meet again…on the next blog :)